Rackmount (CAT5 Extender)


i-Tech's NewView Remote Access Via CAT5 KVM Extender in Rackmount LCD Keyboard Console Drawer


i-Tech's NewView has another New Remote Access Technology to help you to manage your servers via CAT5 Extender. This CAT5 KVM extenders integrated in high quality designed 1U/2U Rack Mount Monitor LCD 8 or 16 ports KVM.   This Rackmount CAT5 KVM Extender switches consoles are one of the industries most specialized solutions for extending keyboard, video, & mouse (KVM) signals over 500feet for PS/2 Solutions and 1000ft for USB solutions utilizing this unquie KVM CAT5 Extenders. 

KVM CAT5 Extender includes a transmitter-receiver pair that enables you to locate a PC in a clean, secure area and access the PC from any convenient, remote location. The remote user (keyboard, monitor, and mouse), connected to the receiver, can be up to 500 feet from the PC using Category 5 UPT cable. In addition to the remote user, a local user (keyboard, monitor, and mouse) can be connected to the transmitter.


If you are looking for ever for greater distances such as via LAN or Internet. i-Tech also has this Remote KVM over IP Server Access Switches Rackmount LCD Keyboard Drawer console should also be considered. At last you may want to consider our Sun Compatible Rackmount Keyboard Monitor LCD Drawer for your SUN Microsystems servers.

Quick Features for NetView for Remote Access Via CAT5 KVM Extenders.

  1. Allows remote access of up to 500 feet away via CAT. 5, CAT.5e, CAT. 6 UTP cables from either the local or remote keyboards, mice, and monitors

  2. Additional dual version features

  3. Fully automatic KVM sharing on first-come first serve basis

  4. Displays video to both local/remote side  simultaneously

  5. Plug-n-Play - no software installation

  6. High video resolution - up to 1,600 x 1,200

  7. Compatible with Sun® Solaris™ (with optional Sun Kit Adaptable), Microsoft®,Windows®, Linux®,Unix® and Netware®.

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