Rackmount LCD(Mac KB)

Here, we present our line of 1U rackmount keyboard solutions which is a great way to save space in your server rack environment without the need for a standalone video monitor. It not only save you space, it also saves you time by enabling you to control multiple servers from a single location. This series of products is configured with a fully functional Mac Keyboard and Glyde Pad Pointer. See the other features below.

This rackmount keyboard is equipped with an active matrix LCD monitor with a keyboard and mouse touchpad integrated into 1U of space in any standard rack. Its monitor delivers high contrast ratio and wide viewing angle for superior display. It is also made of rugged all aluminum light weight chassis which meets the requirements of a wide variety of industrial, commercial and military applications.

Its design is similar to that of a rackmounted laptop computer. When not in use, you can simply fold the LCD display while its keyboard/mouse isup and sliding back into the server rack on the sturdy mounting rails. The display is also stowed flat above the keyboard and can be tilted up for use. The design of this rackmount keyboard also allows for multiple back panel termination options such as a RGB and DVI ports with optional integrated 4 port DVI KVM Switch. Such option includes speakers in the front face of the device.

Along with other significant features, iTech Company's series of 1U rackmount keyboard for Mac OS offers a highly-scalable server control solution as you can cascade additional KVM switches to control and access more computers. It improves space-efficiency inside your cabinets which allows larger systems to fit into less cabinet space. By placing keyboard and display close together, it also improves cabinet ergonomics. For more of our products, contact us through our given phone number and email.