1U 19" Rackmount LCD KB Drawer

iTech Company’s 19" Rackmount LCD Monitor displays maximize your rack space while offering the most efficient way to control multiple computers. Simply slide the console drawer out, flip up the 19" LCD cover and you are ready to control your servers. These 1U slim industrial monitor keyboard solutions are high-quality LCD displays with state-of-the-art features, offering bright and vivid image display. See the specifications of these products below.

With the constant advances in technology, there’s also a growing demand for an effective and efficient hardware and systems solutions. Network engineers for instance have a dilemma of how to pack the growing number of equipment into an existing space.

At iTech Company, we provide a solution to this challenge with our range of rackmount LCD monitors. It combines a spectacular LCD display and a keyboard with built-in pointing device into a compact unit that occupies only 1U of rack space. That’s only a fraction of the space typically occupied by traditional monitor and keyboard units. With that, you can use the remaining space for other critical components.

It features a built-in analog-to-digital conversion board and supports a VGA input. This device also saves you time and money to travel to your computer with its remote access KVM over IP feature. With its all steel enclosure, its rugged design is capable of enduring tough conditions. Moreover, there’s an optional touchscreen functionality which is available as resistive and capacitive.

These rackmount LCD monitor displays offer a solution for compacting more computing power into a limited space. These products are not only functional, these are also designed to last for longer years of service. Call us now and avail our products!