20" Rackmount LCD Monitor

  • 1U Rack Mount 20" LCD Monitor KVM Keyboard Drawer (Combo Free PS/2 or USB)


    NVP120e: 1U Rack Mount 20" LCD Keyboard Drawer

  • 2U Rack Mount TFT 20" LCD Monitor Keyboard Drawer with PS/2 Real Mouse Resolution 1600x 1200 (Model: ELD-220m)


    ELD-220m: 2U Rack Mount 20" LCD Keyboard w/ PS/2 Real Mouse & Built-in Speaker (Model: ELD-220m)

  • 1U Rackmount 20" LCD Drawer Keyboard Drawer Combo USB/PS2 KVM Drawers (D-sub 15)w/ Touch-Pad Keyboard (Model:DKP120Fe)


    DKP120Fe: 1U Rackmount 20" LCD Keyboard Combo USB/PS2 KVM Touch-Pad Keyboard (Model:DKP120Fe)


i-Tech's Largest 20" Rack Monitor Keyboard Drawer in 2U form Factor w/ Real Mouse

i-Tech we offer the largest and biggest 20" plus Rackmount LCD Monitor Drawer in the market. Beside the large screen with resolution of 1600x1200 TFT and comes with 2U form factor, Real Mouse with pocket and front security lock.  Just slide the console drawer out, flip up the 20" LCD cover and you are ready to control your servers. 

If you are looking for bigger and larger or high resolution Rack LCD flat Panel, we may want to visit our Rackmount Monitor Flat Panel where from 4", 4.4", 5", 6.5", 7.0", 8.4", 15", 17", 19", 20" and 23" for Broadcasting, Security, and Video Monitoring. Most of the Rack Flat Panel LCD has option of Resistive Touch Screen, Video input support NTSC/PAL and Speakers

New Product:  Saving your time an money to travel to your computer, remote access KVM over IP make it easy for you. Please check out our newest product IP KVM or CAT5 extenders integrated in Rackmount LCD Keyboard Drawer

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