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We Carry Outdoor Digital Signage for Any Application

If you’re searching for a great LCD display that invites notice, choose from the astounding inventory at I-Tech Company. Take advantage of durable all-purpose units in virtually any size—or create a dramatic video wall at your next convention. Whatever you need, I-Tech can help you find it.

How to Get the Most from Your Outdoor Digital Signage Systems

Before you purchase, take the time to look over our product categories & types shown on this page.

Here are a few commonly-asked questions:

What products stand alone and work in multiple weather conditions?
Try our LCD Stand-alone (open frame) signage in sizes from 7” to 23”—or take a look at the specifications for our LCD Sunlight-readable units and all-weather outdoor LCD options with brightness levels up to 4,000 nits!

Which units support music, video, and photos?
Glance through our low-cost LCD CF models with built-in card readers, USB-compatible ports, and MP3 ready features. Or listen through your audio system or computer speakers.

What other digital signage options are available?
We have products for any application, from military displays that feature extra durability to multi-display PCs to make a special video wall. We also provide mass transit signage that features anti-vibration technology and provides WiFi access when your company is in transit.

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Enjoy a new kind of technology with help from I-Tech.