All-Weather Outdoor LCD

Sunlight Readable 8.4"/102" All Weather Proof Outdoor LCD. Brightness up to 1000 nits. Wireless input, 4 x 15W speakers and Operating Temp 5 to 125F.

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I-Tech Company provides reliable, top-of-the-line all-weather LCD products for your industrial, agricultural, or military operation.

LCD Screens for All Seasons

Our waterproof monitors have a wide range of operating temperatures, high brightness, high resolution, and high contrast to withstand a variety of climates and conditions. They hold up in rain, snow, and extreme heat. They also prevent glare so they are visible even on blindingly sunny days.

We offer a variety of options, including touchscreen, strengthened screens, wireless input, speakers, and different sizes for optimal viewing. Other additional features include interactive displays, adjustable mountings, and shatterproof enclosures with surge protection.

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