Panel PC (5.6"-22")

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Fanless Panel computer CPU board, LCD display, and user-friendly touchscreen within a slick, compact chassis. Each product is a compact, highly integrated, network-ready computer with the fullest I/O connectivity.Fullest I/O connectivity resistive/capacitive/SAW and Infrared touch screens,Ultra-low power consumption,Low noise.

Monitor Production and Instruments Reliably with a Panel PC

For a strong and durable control panel to operate your industrial machinery, consider a panel PC from I-Tech Company. These flat, compact computers feature an LCD touchscreen for quick and easy use of controls. To make your company or organization more productive, these PCs consume less energy and have great network connectivity.

Use our embedded computers for process control and data acquisition. Your instruments and machinery can operate continuously without requiring a reset or reboot. Some of our models are especially suitable for low light or poor outdoor light. Plus, they are weather and water resistant. With these features, panel PCs are ideal for military, marine, medical, and other heavy-duty outdoor industries.

When you buy an industrial computer with I-Tech Company, you can rely on our large inventory and fast delivery. Our production staff assures the quality of each productwe use only the best components in ourpanel PCs. At I-Tech Company, expect great customer service and easy access. Our online store offers 24/7 service and a secure checkout.

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