1U Rackmount Wide 24" KB Drawer

iTech Company’s range of rackmount W24" 1920 x 1200 monitor LCDs are ideal for your networking setup. Each of these rackmount monitors is equipped with an integrated keyboard and mouse. It provides a space-saving solution as it only takes up 1U of rack space. These are also available in various sizes with a number of optional features that you can choose depending on the requirements of your application. See the list of products below and see their specifications.

This line of rackmount LCD monitor drawers offers a variety of features to simplify the access to your servers, system monitoring, troubleshooting, as well as software upgrades. It comes with a 24-inch widescreen LCD panel, combo DB15 single, and 8 or 16-port integrated KVM switch with an optional remote IP console.

When in the fully extended open position, you can utilize its self‐locking rails while you can use the ultra-convenient auto lock release when the LCD panel is closed. In this way, you’ll have a simple and hassle-free operation. It supports combo interface, VGA‐USB and VGA‐PS/2 ports. You can also expand up to 240 servers with its dedicated daisy chain port. Some of the optional features include an expansion slot which allows you to add an optional KVM over IP module for remote access to your servers. There’s also an option to gain BIOS level access to your servers for various purposes such as system maintenance and support or failure recovery through secure SSL authentication and encryption.

With several years of being in this industry, iTech Company has already understand the needs and requirements of various clients. With this, we came up with innovative solutions that not only deliver high-performance but also endure for many years of service. If you have more queries about our rackmount LCD monitors, simply contact us through the given phone number and email.