1U 20.1" Rackmount LCD KB Drawer

iTech Company offers the largest and biggest 20" plus Rackmount LCD Monitor Drawer in the market. This large screen has a resolution of 1600x1200 TFT and comes with 2U form factor, real mouse with pocket and front security lock. Just slide the console drawer out and flip up the 20" LCD to efficiently control your servers. Browse each of the product models below and see their various features.

Our rackmount monitors utilize a LED-backlit technology to deliver enhanced picture clarity and sharp displays. It has a high brightness LCD panel and high contrast ratio, ensuring that it provides superior viewing experience under any condition.These products are made of high quality components which are best suited for industrial and commercial applications. It can be easily installed into industry standard 19" rack cabinets, providing space-saving solutions.

It also features a fully functional 105-keys Windows keyboard with an integrated Real Mouse. With its laptop-style tilting display, you can pull it out easily to tilt open while it doesn't intrude into the aisle space in front of the rack. It is equipped with industrial-grade heavy-duty slide-out rails with depth-adjustable rear mounting support. It is designed to endure tough conditions with its industrial-grade heavy-duty steel construction that has an integrated built-in lock, preventing unauthorized console access. Meanwhile, some product models have an integrated KVM switch technology, offering a useful feature for managing multiple computers.

iTech Company's range of Rackmount LCD Monitors provide an effective and efficient hardware and systems solutions for a wide variety of applications. Contact us now to avail our products!