Rackmount LCD Embedded PC

iTech’s rackmount flat panel PCs are industrial grade hardwareand can run in almost any environment. Whatever requirements and space limitations you have, our products cover all your needs. Browse from our range of highly reliable computer hardware and let it be a part of your daily operations.

Our all in one flat panel computer units are powered by Intel-based engines: either anIntel Atom 270 or Intel Core2Duo. You can choose from 17, 19, W19, and W22 sizes with resolutions of 1440X900, 1680X1050, and 1280X1024. Its industrial grade components guarantees reliable usage 24/7.

There are also a number of optional features with these units such as the touch screen feature which may come as resistive (with glass), capacitive, SAW, and infrared; and enhanced panel features which are available in high brightness panel, panel-LED backlight, wide temperature, wide viewing angle, and sunlight readable. Other optional features you can avail are the integration of WiFi, web cam, motion sensor, auto light sensor, auto-dimming, networking digital signage, and rechargeable battery.