Rackmount LCD(Quad)


iTech Company’s Rackmount Quad Display units are ideal for CCTV security, surveillance, remote and data monitoring, industrial control, and military applications, among others. These are industrial-grade monitor displays which deliver high resolutions of 1920x1080. It features a quad display, low power consumption, and plug and play functionality. These are available in different widescreen size for each display. For more specifications, browse the products below.

These monitors allow you to view and operate video signals from four different sources simultaneously on a single rackmount device. It offers flexible video options including VGA, DVI, CVS(2x), YPbPr, and HDMI. It also features a new unified button board design for independent or simultaneous LCD control. It utilizes an LED backlit technology and comes in wide screen displays, 16.7 million colors, 1000:1 contrast ratio, and quick response time. You can also adjust the monitor display parameters via on screen menus.

With its rugged design, these rackmount quad displays can withstand industrial and other demanding applications, and meet industrial shock, vibration, and environmental standards. Its rack housing is made of heavy-duty steel which is equipped with a heavy duty friction slides and robust torque hinges to endure daily usage. It also offers ease of operation with its convenient fold-up front face and 90-degree mechanical swivel. Moreover, there are a number of optional features available including a touchscreen functionality and high brightness display to ensure that the screen delivers clear and sharp quality of image even when used under direct sunlight.

Here at iTech Company, we offer a wide variety of high quality rackmount solutions. We also provide custom-design products based on the client’s requirements. Contact us now for more info about our products and services.