Outdoor Digital Signage LCD

Outdoor Digital Signage

iTech Industrial Grade Rugged all Weather Display Signage Outdoor wall mount Landscape LCD and Portrait Kiosk.

iTech offer all-weather high brightness commercial-grade sunlight readable display monitor for drive-thru, bus hub, car wash and theme parks application. Most of the Outdoor Mall directory and Map, we can provide PCAP touch screen monitors behind a vandal proof 6-12mm thick glass. New 84" 4K UHD outdoor 4000nits extreme Bright LED backlight designed for permanent placement outdoor Digital signage at airport Parking lot and curbside Check-in.

High TNI Xtreme High Brightness panels have a high resistance to the "blackening effect" often produced by direct sunlight on a liquid crystal panel. This is due to a higher temperature transition necessary to make the liquid crystals change from nematic to isotropic. All i-Tech outdoor digital Signage display has this (Panel Enhancement to  prevent isotropic blackout under direct Sun up to 110C/230F) features.  You won't have this issue.
Isotropic Stage The point where the fluid heats or cools to where it is no longer in the twisted nematic state. Since the molecules can no longer twist light, all incoming light is absorbed.
Additional iTech outdoor series full HD resolution and quarter-lambda polarizing film, which enables clear visibility even when the viewer is wearing polarized sunglasses. Optional for behind 6-12mm Tempered or safety glass PCAP touchscreen, not affected by external weather and outside surrounding light conditions