1920x1080 Rugged Portable Console with KVM Extender


With these 1080p Rugged Portable Consoles with KVM Extender from iTech Company, you have an easy-to-install monitor and keyboard for your server set up which is great for simplifying IT duties. This is an ideal solution for interfacing with server racks without the limitations of a stationary rack-mounted KVM. With its rugged design, it is guaranteed to endure harsh environment operations. Moreover, it offers convenience as well as it is a lightweight and easy to carry device with a fold and lock design. See the other useful features of this product below.


These devices have rugged designs which comply with MIL-STD and IP rating standard to withstand rough handling and demanding conditions. With its compact size and lightweight design, it is intended for use in applications on the go. It has also a fold and lock mechanism for more security of the device, especially when used in the field. Its high resolutions also deliver crisp and clear display for optimal viewing. The input option is aided with a 105-key cherry switch keyboard with a touchpad.

Meanwhile, one of the main features of this rugged portable console is its 2 standard USB KVM console ports and 2 CAT5 KVM Extender. Such features eliminates the use of multiple keyboards, monitors and mice in order to control multi-platform servers. This is particularly useful in server rooms and in IT networks where there's no need to waste valuable time getting to the server room in which you are able to have complete control from up to hundred meters away.

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