Intel Atom Compact Embedded PC


iTech Company’s range of Intel Atom Compact Embedded PCs are ruggedized and industrial-grade computing solutions that are designed to endure challenging conditions at extreme temperatures. These are robust, fanless, and low-power devices are guaranteed to operate reliably in a wide range of applications. Whether it will be used for industrial automation, digital signage, kiosk, video surveillance, information systems, and other embedded systems, this line of computers meets various requirements to provide ideal solutions for such applications. Browse these products below to know more about the specifications of each.


These embedded computers are powered by the latest generation of Intel Atom processors which provide an outstanding performance both in computing as well as in graphics. It offers a brand new opportunity for both intelligent and industrial computing solutions. It is also equipped with up to 4G memory and several options for storage devices including CFast, HDD and SSD. In order to endure extreme weather conditions, it features extended operating temperatures while its resistance to strong shocks and vibrations enables it to operate in harsh environments without compromising its performance.

For an extended lifespan, it was designed without the most easily damaged component which is the fan but dissipates heat effectively. Meanwhile, these devices also feature high-integration capability with an optional Mini-PCIe module; network ports with optional GbE LAN, Wi-Fi, 3.5G/4G LTE module; and communication applications with its optional GPIO, RS232/422/485.

With all of the above-mentioned features, these compact embedded PCs definitely get the job done despite the challenging conditions it will be exposed to. Call us now to avail these products!