Core 2 Duo Compact Embedded PC

Here, we have iTech Company's Core 2 Duo embedded computer systems which have a compact design and intended for industrial automation applications. It has an abundant support for video out ports, giving this device more flexibility. It has also an integrated graphics chipset for enhanced video performance. This line of products deliver high performance with minimal power consumption. See our list of these devices below and the specifications of each.

These are ultra-compact embedded systems which are designed for high definition video applications. It also supports four video out ports including HDMI, DVI-D and dual VGA. Its fanless design also offers a durable package with improved longevity. The outfitted Intel Core 2 Duo processor ensures that it can handle complex computing processes along with its Intel Chipset for high-quality Intel graphics and other Intel technologies. Meanwhile, it has a solid chassis design which is dustproof which is ideal for industrial applications. For the connectivity, it has a dual Gbe LAN and WLAN / TV tuner support.

Today, embedded computers have been deployed at various points in several industries. These devices bring a lot of benefits such as saving energy, reduce operating costs, and increase both reliability and redundancy across a particular infrastructure. iTech Company offers a wide range of these products which combine reliability and durability. Being in this industry for several years, we came up with various innovative solutions that meet the requirements of our clients. We also integrate the latest technology into our products to truly provide a solution that can perform certain tasks effectively and efficiently.