AMD Fusion Compact Embedded PC


Here, we have iTech Company’s line of AMD Fusion Compact Embedded PCs which feature the integration of an energy-efficient AMD Fusion dual core CPU and AMD Hudson graphic processor within a compact, robust and efficient platform. It is equipped with various display ports for more flexibility. It has also fanless, robust and durable design, offering a quiet and reliable operation with an extended operating life. See these products below.


  • DPC135D Series Modular Thin Platform for Embedded Applications

    DPC135D Series

    Thin Client Embedded Systems Compact and rugged modular unit. ...

These compact computers utilize an AMD Fusion processor which is high-performance with low power consumption. It is also equipped with an AMD Hudson graphic processor for a modern graphics processing unit which can be used in a wide range of applications. There are also options for wireless networking for a cable-free and space-saving applications. Various operating systems are also being supported including Linux, Microsoft Windows XP Embedded and Windows Embedded Standard 7. There are two video-out ports available: one DVI-I connector and one display port.

With its fanless design, this computing device has no moving parts which improves its quality and product life. It also integrates major thin-client/server computing protocols and web browsers. A server-based WebDT Device Manager software is included, offering a comprehensive remote device administration. Moreover, you can avail some of the major optional features such as an internal wireless adapter and Wi-Fi dipole antenna, and smart card reader.

At iTech Company, we have a wide range of compact embedded PCs that are outfitted with the latest technologies to get the job done. These devices are ideal for applications where space is limited and reliable performance is essential.