Wide Temp PC

iTech Company's Wide Temp PC solutions boast its strict control of components selections as well as sophisticated mechanical design. It is ruggedly built to support a wider than usual range of operating temperatures. Being equipped with industrial components, it is designed to withstand harsh conditions. These products come in different form factors with various features in order to meet the specifications of several applications.

These computers are powered by Intel processors for high-performance that can handle complex tasks. It has also a dustproof design with its solid chassis and a fanless interior, ensuring the longevity of the product. The cooling fan is considered as one of main failure points in any computing system as this component often needs to be repaired and replaced due to shorting out or just breaking down over time. These products have a fanless design which extends the lifespan of the device. It has also a cable-free interior, making it as rugged as possible.

For easy integration with any signage setup and more options for the users, it has also multiple display ports. For industrial applications, a wide operating temperature range offers a rock-solid and high performance without having to worry about system failure. Moreover, it supports multiple I/O ports such as LAN, RS232 COM port, USB2.0, VGA and GPIO port. With regards to storage, SATA HDD/ SSD or front accessible CF card are available for deployment

This line of industrial computers from iTech Company are designed to deliver optimum performance over a wide range of temperatures. These products underwent a series of testing processes to ensure quality hardware designs and production quality. Contact us for more info about these products.