Military Open Frame LCD


iTech Company’s military open frame LCDs are designed for special mounting applications. These slim-profile LCDs offer an excellent solution for applications such as kiosks, consoles, machines and control panels. Along with several useful features, it complies with various military standards for a rugged solution that can withstand harsh conditions. These are available with a touchscreen feature as well. Browse these products below and check out its corresponding specifications.


Open frame monitors come with a metal chassis that will hold its components into place. There is no bezel or enclosure that surrounds its chassis and thus, can be integrated into a larger enclosure. Our products feature a COTS (commercial off the shelf) design which is cost-effective while utilizing the industry’s latest technology to comply with the demanding military applications.

This line of open frame LCDs offer the ultimate versatility in mounting as it is panel mount and designed to fit in the small spaces with its weigh of less than 10 lbs. It has a VGA resolution which is configurable to portrait or landscape mode. It delivers high resolution for superior display quality with a resistive touchscreen panel for ease of usage. As it is designed with compliance to military standards, it has an extremely rugged design that can withstand the harshest conditions, including exposure to splashes of water and resistance against strong shocks and vibrations. For a convenient way to enter data, there’s an on-screen virtual keyboard.

For more info about these products, contact us today. We also design a custom solution to fit your exact needs.