Military Rack LCD Drawer

iTech Company's range of Military Rack LCD Drawers enable you to save valuable rack space to optimize and maximize your use of the rack while having a durable device that can withstand various tough conditions. These are ruggedly designed to endure demanding conditions which are common in military and industrial applications. Browse each of the products below.

These products are certified under various military standards such as MIL-STD 167-1, MIL-STD 810, and MIL-STD 901D for enhanced shock and vibration resistance. It is made up of aluminum for exceptional strength and durability. With this type of LCD display, you can pull the rack and raise the LCD monitor to a preferred viewing position while the drawer conveniently slides smoothly away when not in use.

For more security, there's akey locking mechanism which locks the drawer when in the full recess position, preventing any unauthorized access.With its high resolutions, it delivers the most advanced color, clarity and performance.These are available in various screen sizes and supports different types of video inputs including HDMI, DVI, S-Video, VGA, and Composite BNC, among others. For outdoor use or in settings where there is high lighting, you can opt for the sunlight readable feature to ensure visibility wherever you will use it. Moreover, separate keyboard and pointing devices are available.

iTech Company's LCD rack drawers can be easily installed and are able to manage a single rack or multiple racks of servers from a single work station. It can also be integrated into server rooms and data center environments. With all of those features and durability, this is worth an investment either for military or industrial applications. On the other hand, we also offer specific configurations and custom options based on our client's requirements. For more info about this, please call us with any questions. We would love to hear from you.