Military Rack Mout LCD

iTech Company’s Military Rack Mount LCD monitors are engineered to handle the most extreme of environments. These products were tested and certified forvarious military standards for temperature, humidity, vibration, and high-impact shock. These also comply with the IP rating standards for protection against dust, water, moisture, and other contaminants that may damage the device. Check out our range of this type of LCD monitors below.

As most of the industries today are already using rack mount monitors in their daily operations, opting to utilize such technology may not seem as something that requires significant decision-making. However, there are various types of these monitors and military rack mount LCDs is just one of those categories which are specifically designed for specific naval combat, army and airborne applications. But these LCDs are ideal for industrial applications as well where it can endure and perform reliably under harsh environmental conditions.

At iTech Company, we have a range of this type of monitors which integrates a rugged design and various useful features. With its high resolutions, it deliversexcellent performance in terms of brightness, crispness, contrastand viewing angle.As it meets various military standards such as MIL-STD-1472F, MIL-STD-464A, and MIL-HDBK-338, it has an enhanced shock and vibration resistance. Its display panel is extremely durable and complies with IP65 rating for protection against various elements that may damage the device. It also features high brightness display to ensure visibility of the screen in high ambient light conditions or under direct sunlight.

Some of the optional features include the touch screen functionality, EMI/RFI conductive ITO coating or transparent EMI/RFI micro mesh, and integrated heaters and thermostat for an extended range of operating temperature.

On the other hand, finding the right military LCD can be a challenge as not all rack mount monitors are not created equal.That’s why opting for a reliable supplier is very important. With several years of being in this industry, iTech Company is considered as one of the leading innovators and offers high quality products. For more info of their products, don’t hesitate to contact them anytime.