Military Rugged PC

iTech Company manufactures a range of military rugged PC systems which are tailored to the requirements of the defence and avionics industries. Each of these products is made using high grade components and ensured to pass the military standards. If you’re looking for the best equipment to suit these needs, you’ve come to the right place.

Having the right equipment in the military sector is vital. Take note that this kind of environment has no room for mistakes as it may cost lives or compromise the whole operation. One of the most important devices in this field are the computers. Unlike the commercial PCs, military computers should be able to withstand the demanding and harsh security environment. These are subject to operating extremes such as dust, water, bright sunshine to pitch black darkness. These are also being mounted on a military combat vehicle where it will be exposed to shock and vibration.

A computer plays a significant role either in a battlefield or any military setting. It can act as a medium for important data or as a communications source. Thus, it should be equipped with all the necessary feature to perform various tasks effectively.

At iTech Company, we came up with products that combine performance and ruggedness for military applications. Our military PCs features low power but high-performance Intel processors with fanless design CPU. They are made of high quality panel and high resolution for superior image quality. The sunlight readable feature ensures that it can be used even in direct sunlight and high ambient light conditions. These products are also dust and water-resistant which is essential in military operations. Its aluminum housing has anti-corrosion treatments for extra protection. Its anti-shock and vibration passed the military standards such as MIL810F & IEC60068-2-27. Moreover, it has an optional 5-wire resistive touchscreen for ease of use and more interactive application.

With the above-mentioned points, a military rugged panel PC is an important investment that should be thought of carefully. iTech Company offers a range of these products which are built with the strength and ruggedness for any military application. Contact them now for more info.