Military Rugged Server

iTech Company’s Military Rugged Server systems are designed to meet the operating temperatures, environmental conditions, shock and vibration requirements of the most demanding environments. Such solutions are particularly designed to deliver high performance and reliability in harsh environments. See the specifications of each product below.

In military, several weapons and communication systems are being connected to computers. One of the most important equipment in any of these capacities is the server, which is commonly used as a primary computer system and to store and transmit data as well.Astate-of-the-art rugged MIL-spec serverallowsyou to run heavy load applications where the work is being done.It features high-performance processors that can do complex tasks at ease. It is highly customizable and configurable while itson-board front removable hard drivesenables the sensitive data to be removed and stored for security reasons.

For protection againstshock, vibration, and temperature, it features a solid and sealed aluminum construction. It passed various military standards including MIL-STD -810, MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-167, MIL-STD-901D, MIL-STD-1474, and MIL-STD-740-2.Its compact design makes it an ideal solution for mobile applications. Moreover, the device is easy to mount and occupies a minimum amount of space.

Here at iTech Company, we design and manufacture reliable military-grade servers to provide our fighting men and women with the best technology available regardless of their location. These devices are carefullyengineered to withstand life in a war zone.Either you’ll deploy it in aircraft, land-based systems, transportation or naval environments, it meets the unique requirements of these applications in terms of functionality, performance and reliability. For more info of these products, contact us at our given phone number or email.