Military Chassis Mount LCD

iTech Company’s Military Chassis Mount LCDare ideal for military and mission critical applications. These products feature a wide range of operating temperatures, compliant to IP ratingstandardsfor waterand dust protection, optional touch screen functionality, and optimal performance in extreme environments. These are available in various sizes from 8.4” to 46”.

This line of products integrate significant features such as the ruggedization and high quality of displays. As these are intended for military purposes, they are engineered to be sturdy enough to work in the toughest conditions. It has a steel frame with full IP65 protection against dust and water while its aluminum housing has anti-corrosion treatments. It also passed various military standards such as MIL- STD-810F for enhanced resistance against shock and vibrations.

The quality of the display has also been given enough attention. It has a sunlight readable feature which delivers clear and sharp display even in the glare of the sun or high lighting conditions. The screenis coated with anti-glare material that prevents the reflectionof the sun's rays. With this, you are also able to view the images on the screen easily even from a distance.Moreover, you have the option to customize the bezel and mounting in order to address any mounting need in any application.

Here at iTech Company, we provide our young fighting men and women with rugged tactical display equipment in which they can depend on and help accomplish their missions successfully. Our range of military LCD displays deliver excellent operational performance regardless ofharsh environmental conditions. Contact us for more information regarding our products.