Panel PC (Wide Temp)

Here, we have our range of Panel PC (Wide Temp) systems which are specifically designed to operate efficiently in various industrial applications such as machine automation, food processing environments, retail, transportation and other applications where harsh conditions are common. These rugged computing systems mainly feature wide operating temperatures and various kinds of industrial protections. These are available in various monitor sizes from 5.7” to 17” and widescreen dimensions of W7 to W8.9, while the resolutions range from 640x480 to 1280x1024. See the list of products below.

Over the years, we recognize the need for industrial equipment to operate in an extended temperature range and these include computers which play an important role in any industry. With this, we offer our range of such products which are specifically designed for this purpose to be able to cope with different industrial environments.

These industrial-grade PCs are available in a wide range of CPU options, which are powered with either an Intel or DMP processors. These are also equipped with HD graphics for delivering superior quality of display. Various I/O ports are also being supported including USB, LAN, COM, and mini PCIe, giving more flexibility and functionality to the device. It has a metal chassis with compact design for maximum protection of the device. For interactive applications, you can avail of its optional touchscreen feature. Moreover, these wide temperature industrial panel PCs feature an excellent fanless cooling performance with low power consumption and low noise for high reliability.

This line of iTech Company’s products is carefully engineered to operate in a wide range of operating temperatures for a rock-solid and industrial-grade performance. These panel PCs come in different form factors and equipped with a number of useful features to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications. For more info of these products, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.