High Brightness Open Frame LCD Monitor Display

Here, we present our range of Open Frame Sunlight Readable Displays which are ideal for use in bright settings with indirect or reflected bright light. With brightness levels that range from 350 nits to 2400 nits, these LCDs enable the user to see sharp and clear displays even with bright sunlight directly on the screen. The monitor sizes for this type of LCDs are available from 5” to 23.1” and widescreen dimensions of W7 to W52, while the resolutions range from 640x480 to 1920x1200. Check out each of the products below.

iTech Company’s line of Open Frame LCD Monitor displays enable you to communicate with your customers, even if they are outdoors. These monitors are equipped with extremely high brightness levels of up to 2400 nits along with high contrast ratios, allowing your messages to be delivered to your targeted audience in an impactful way even in bright outdoors. It also utilizes a LED backlight technology to deliver superior displays.

Various connectivity options are being supported with this device including VGA, DVI, BNC, S-Video, CVBS, Component and HDMI, giving more flexibility to the device. It also offers network connectivity, for you to control your content more easily over your network without a need to install a dedicated CPU at each display’s location. Moreover, an optional touchscreen feature is available for ease of use and for interactive applications as well.

With the wide range of available sizes, resolutions, and brightness levels, iTech Company’s open frame LCD displays can be integrated into any industrial or commercial application. These products are also made of high quality components, ensuring their reliability and longer years of service.