Military Panel PC

Our Military Rackmount LCDs offer an extremely rugged solutionfor military as well as various industrial applications. With its high-grade components, it can operate reliably even when exposed to hostile environmental conditions. Other interesting features include a lightweight design, efficient power and durable overall quality. It is suited for applications where it will be exposed to sun, moisture, dust, and unwanted elements that can damage the device. See these products below.


These military rackmount LCDs offers significant benefits with respect to dimensions, ruggedization and display quality. It has an excellent mechanical design and lesser weight for a unique and rugged display solution. With its Color Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display offers an excellent performance in terms of brightness, crispness, contrast and viewing angle. There's also an anti-reflective protective window for superior display quality even when used under direct sunlight. It complies with various military standards such as 901D Grade A, 167-1, and 461D, guaranteeing its rugged protection. It also meets the IP rating standards for protection against various elements that may damage the device.

Theserugged LCDs are designed and intended for application in the most hostile environments including military applications. You don't have to worry whether it is a naval combat, army or airborne application. These devices offer reliable performance. Call or email us for more information about these innovative products.