Intel i7 Compact Embedded PC


iTech Company’s Intel i7 Compact Embedded PC features a powerful processor for smooth operation that can handle complex tasks. It also delivers better graphics performance as well. With its high-performance and abundant support for various I/O ports, it is ideal for a wide range of applications such as digital signage, surveillance, gaming, automation control, kiosk, embedded controller, and factory automation, among others. Check out the other features of these products below.


These compact PCs are equipped with an Intel HM65 chipset which is not only compatible with the latest processors but also offers support for high quality Intel graphics. For higher bandwidth capability, it utilizes DDR3 RAM which has a faster transfer rate compared to its predecessor DDR2. It has multiple video-out ports that can support dual displays for convenient monitoring of content. There are also I/O expansion options with its reserved multiple I/O signals on the motherboard. For 3G capability on IPC, there’s an integrated SIM card reader in one of the mini-PCIe slots.

While the fan is one of the most easily damaged component of a computer, these devices are fanless which as a result, help extend its lifespan. Depending on what type of expansion slot you need, this product has additional space for another PCI or PCIe expansion. Moreover, it also features a wide voltage input range for easier onsite implementation by lessening the need for an external power supply.

All in all, this line of compact embedded PCs from iTech Company features a powerful and energy-efficient Intel i7 processor in a fanless and robust package that delivers superior graphics.