Intel i3 Compact Embedded PC


As time passes by, the importance of embedded systems is also growing continuously. These are devices that can be considered as a tiny computer and designed for one or two specific purposes. It has a compact size and can perform its specific function with minimal data or use of resources. Here, we have iTech Company’s Intel i3 embedded computers which are highly reliable and provide secure and innovative applications for several industries. See our range of products below and the specifications of each.

These products have a compact and fanless design for a robust package. It is a high-performance industrial PC which is equipped with an Intel i3 processor. It is also outfitted with an Intel Chipset, offering support for high-quality Intel graphics and other Intel technologies. With its solid chassis design and fanless interior, this product is dustproof which helps extend its longevity. The integrated SIM card reader allows users to enable 3G use for their IPC. For easy integration with any signage setup, these embedded systems come with multiple video-out ports.

Meanwhile, it has a screw-locked power plug which is made to screw directly into the appliance chassis for secure power connection even in harsh settings. Moreover, various I/O ports are also being supported including GbE LAN, USB, serial, DIO, VGA, DVI-D, HDMI ports and Mini-PCIe.

iTech Company’s embedded computers offer a convenient, and simplified solutions. It is ideal for various industrial and embedded applications including factory/machine automation, digital signage, transportation, and IoT gateways, among others. For more info about these products, contact us now.