True Flat Bezel Panel PC

iTech Company's range of True Flat Bezel Panel PCs feature a sleek design and functional solutions which can be easily integrated into any environment. Its support for the necessary I/O ports makes it idealfor any subsystem or automation hardware applications. It has a projected capacitive touchscreen which is IP65 compliant, offering a multi-touch interactive user experience.Browse the products below and see their specifications.

These panel computers are designed to offer durability, reliability and consistent performance. It utilizes powerful Intel processors for high computing performance as well as low power consumption. With its fanless design, it operates silently and reliably. For more functionality and flexibility, it supports various I/O ports including LAN, VGA, HDMI, USB, RS232, and Mini PCIe.

This unit is equipped with a projected capacitive touch screen feature for ease of usage and for interactive applications. Its durable glass front surface is strong enough to protect the screen from damage.The screen panel also complies with IP65 rating for protection from unwanted elements such as splash of water, dust, moisture and chemicals, among others. Moreover, it features VESA mounting for flexibility of installation.

This line of panel PCs is a multi-functional and rugged solution which can be used in various applications from industrial, health care, automation systems, gaming and kiosk. Ithas sleek design with rugged protection, making it ideal for installation in harsh environments. With its highly resistant and reliable components, these devices are guaranteed to operate incessantly throughout the day to take care of complex applications.