Open frame PCAP 10 Point Touch

iTech Company's range of open frame PCAP 10 point touchLCDs are rugged and durable touch displays which offer several options and configurations. Available in various sizes, ranging from 10.4 to 19 and widescreen dimension of W10.1 to w24, we offer LCD solutions that can easily be integrated into any industrial or commercial enclosure. The resolutions range from 800x600 to 1920x1200, delivering optimal display for a wide variety of applications.

This type of LCD displays are ideal for industrial and embedded applications such as gaming, factory automation, process control and measurement, kiosk, and surveillance and public display, among others. It was designed to be flexible and sturdy enough to be deployed in public environments where heavy usage, exposure to tough conditions, and vandalism are common.

The main feature of this LCD monitors is a projective capacitive 10 point touch panel which is an extremely responsive touch screen with accurate swiping and gesturing functionality. You can also use a stylus or a gloved finger and it will still deliver an accurate tracking of touch. You can have such advantages of this type of touch screen functionality without installing other special interface cards or video drivers.

Meanwhile, this line of open frame LCD displays is either IP65 or IP66-rated for protection against various elements such as splash of water, dust, moisture, rain, and other contaminants which can be encountered in commercial and industrial applications. For outdoor applications when it will be used under direct sunlight, you can choose from a range of brightness levels, ranging from 200nits to 1500nitsto ensure visibility of the screen depending on your application.

At iTech Company, we build our products with the highest quality components and advanced technologies available. For several years, we have successfully provide innovative display solutions to our clients worldwide. Whether you need a pre-designed product or a customize solution, we are here to help you. Contact us for more info.