Modular Panel PC/Display Solutions

iTech Company's modular panel PC offers a bundle solution where you can integrate the LCD display and fanless box PC. This type of computers have individually-housed components or modules, allowing you to remove and assemble its parts easily. With such design, you can take advantage of update prospects and easy maintenance. It has also a rugged design to withstand the various harsh conditions in industrial applications. See our list of products below and its other useful features.

These devices are composed of all the necessary components including the monitor display, fanless box PC, integration brackets and the required software support. With its modularized design, you can easily attached and detached the PC at the back of the panel mount LCD. It is equipped with Intel Core U-Series processors for powerful performance. Its highly-integrated design also provide cost-saving solution of up to 30%. With its ultra slim panel design which is 30 mm thinner than the market average, it features a sleek aesthetic without consuming a lot of space. In order to meet your specific needs, it is flexible enough as you are able to customize the choice of LCD display and the fanless box PC.

This device is also ruggedly deigned for deployment in harsh settings with its IP65-rated front bezel. It is shock and vibration-tested as well to withstand the demanding conditions which are common in industrial applications. It also features high-speed USB 3.0, high data transfer rate, Gigabit Ethernet (dual GbE), and optional WiFi module for more interconnectivity.

This range of panel PCs is another technological innovation of iTech Company, providing their clients with cutting-edge solutions for a wide variety of applications. While we have several selection of pre-designed products, we can also come up with a customized design in order to meet ones specific needs and requirements. For more information, please call or email us.