Matrix Multi User DB-15 KVM

Matrix Multi User KVM Switch

iTech Company’s Matrix Multi User DB-15 KVM switches offer space-saving, convenient and economical solutions for any home office or enterprise applications.KVM is an acronym for keyboard, video, and mouse. These are available in 8-port and 16-port versions and depending on the product model, it allows two to four users. Browse the product below for more specifications.

A KVM switch is a device that enables a user to control multiple computers from a single keyboard, video display monitor and mouse. These are commonly used in data centers where several servers are placed in a single rack. With a press of a button on the KVM switch, it allows the administrator to change control from one server to the next, eliminating the need for a dedicated keyboard, monitor and mouse for each computer. It also saves space in the server room too as well as minimize cable clutter.

Our range of Matrix DB-15 IP KVM switches offer an efficient system management with simultaneous multi-user access. It also features a secure IP remote user access across the worldwide web. High resolutions of up to 1920x1080 is also being supported while it is also compatible with SUN 1152x900 resolution. By cascading the connection of the KVM switch, it enables you to access multi-platform servers shared by different consoles. It has a multi-platform capability that provides a diversity of consoles to access servers independently and simultaneously. Some of the optional features of these products include a mix legacy PS/2 servers with newer USB and SUN solutions and greater distances between the switch and servers for an enhanced data center rack layouts.

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