Matrix Multi User CAT6 KVM

Matrix Multi User KVM Switch DB15

There are several reasons to use KVM switch technology. These include enhanced cable management, longer distances between the server and the switch, minimizing the cable clutter, higher density, and multiplatform capabilities. iTech Company offers these benefits with their line of Matrix Multi User CAT6 KVM switch solutions. Browse each of the products below and see which one best suits your application.

Our Cat6KVM switches allow network administrators to connect multiple computers or servers via cat5, cat5e, and cat6 UTP cable to the switch and it enables them to control such network from a single keyboard, video and mouse. Such system provides an efficient system management with multi-user access. These are available in 16 or 32-port versions which support local access and either 1, 2 or 3 extended remote users depending on the product model. The remote users can access the device of up to 150m away.

The servers are being attached to the switch with the use of CAT6 cable to dongles which are available in various formats such as DVI-USB, VGA-USB, and VGA-PS/2. These attached servers can be placed of up to 40m away from the KVM switch. Moreover, this type of KVM switch supports various operating systems including Solaris, Mac, Windows and Linux. If you cascade multiple switches, you are able to manage up to 256 servers.

If you have more queries regarding our KVM switch solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us through the given phone number and email. But if you have your own specifications, we also provide customize products to suit your particular requirements.