Rackmount Keyboard

i-Tech's 1U Rack Mount Keyboard KVM Drawer/ Rack Keyboard Shelf

i-Tech's has the most variety of Rackmount keyboard KVM Drawer/Rack Keyboard shelf in 1U Form Factor for 19-in Rack Environment. These unique Rack Keyboard designed comes with the following Keyboard and mouse type to meet your need: 
Rack Keyboard Notebook Type keyboard with Touchpad mouse
Rack Keyboard Notebook Type keyboard with Trackball 3 button mouse
Rack Keyboard Compact  Type keyboard  with Touchpad mouse
Rack Keyboard Compact  Type keyboard  with Trackball 3 button mouse
All of the Rackmount Keyboard comes with a Local port (Optional for Remote access console port) for Administrator to monitor its system either in Data center or at their desk top. At the local port this Rackmount Keyboard comes with local console port where you can connect this to your CRT or Rack LCD.  Also Rack keyboard comes with 8 or 16 port KVM in PS/2 or USB connection.  
1U Rack Mount SUN Compatible Keyboard USB KVM Drawer
For those users who are using Sun Microsystems Solaries servers in 19-in rack. Now we have a SUN Solaris compatible Rack keyboard where comes with Sun Special keys such as STOP, HELP, AGAIN, PROPS, UNDO, FIND, OPEN, COPY, CUT, PASTE and FRONT
Quick Features for 2U SUN Compatible Rackmount LCD Drawer
Compatible with SUN, Apple, IBM, DELL, HP and USB Server
Full 104-keys SUN-compatible keyboard w/ 3-button trackball
Industrial-grade heavy-duty steel construction
Smooth-operating sliding rails that self-lock when pulled all the way out.
Adjustable mounting brackets compatible with SUN rack depths of 24 to 36 inch
Click here for  Sun Compatible Rackmount LCD Keyboard USB KVM Drawer
1U Remote Access Rack Mount Keyboard PS/2 or USB KVM Drawer over KVM IP or Via CAT5 Extenders
For Remote access you can learn more from Netview KVM over IP technology where we move one step ahead from our competitors. We integrated this KVM over IP technology into rackmount keyboard. So, now you can remote access to your Servers from anytime and anywhere in the world without having to configure or install any software on your servers. Netview Remote access KVM over IP technology software runs on its embedded processors only but not on mission-critical servers, so that there is no interference with server operation or impact on network performance.  Newview even go beyond the standard KVM over IP in market, we integrated our KVM IP technology into our Rackmount LCD Monitor keyboard drawer. NewView provides you the most selection in LCD sizes, which available in 15"/17"/19", plus it has options for 8 or 16 ports PS/2 KVM for your to connect your servers.
Netview's IP KVM(PS/2)switch provides convenient; remote KVM access and control via LAN or Internet. It captures, digitizes, and compresses video signal and transmits it with keyboard and mouse signals to and from a remote computer. Furthermore, NetView PS/2 IP KVM switch offers additional remote power management with the help of optional available device.  NetView PS/2 IP over KVM switch supports consoles consisting of PS/2 style keyboards and mouse, and HD 15 video output. NetView PS/2 IP KVM switch will automatically detect the current video mode of the console, however manual fine-tuning is recommended to receive the best video quality. PS/2 IP-KVM switch will accept video streams up to 110 MHz dot clock. This results in a screen resolution of 1280x1024 pixels with a frame rate of 60 Hz.
Quick Features for Netview PS/2 8/16 port KVM over IP switch in 19" rackmount design
1. Support DOS, Win3.X, Win95/98/98SE/2000/ME/XP, WinNT, Netware, Unix, Linux
2. Support iMAC, Power MAC and Sun Microsystems with USB port (Need work with USB-PS/2 adapter)
3. Hot Plug - Add PCs or Remove Connected PCs for Maintenance without Powering Down the KVM switch or PCs.
4. High Video Quality Resolution Up To 1920X1440 (local side), 1280 X1024 (remote side)
5. No Software Required - easy PC selection via On Screen Display Menu (OSD), Push Buttons, Hot Keys
6. At local console side - Support eight characters password protection and search PC server name
7. At Remove console side Use SSL protocol for any encrypted network traffic between itself and a connected client.
8. Keyboard status restored when switching PCs
9. LED Display for easy status monitoring
10. Buzzer sound for switching port confirmation.
11. Built-in one extra daisy chain port and no waste any PC port
12. No DIP switch setting needed and auto detect daisy chain bank
13. Manage serves around the world
14. KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) access over IP and analogous telephone line.
15. BIOS level access
16. No impact on server or network performance
17. Automatically senses video resolution for best possible screen capture
18. High-performance mouse tracking and synchronization