Rackmount Keyboard KVM IP

Here, we have iTech Company's range of Rackmount Keyboard KVM IP which offers a cost-effective combo of KVM integration. These 1U rackmount keyboard solutions meet the requirements of a wide range of applications and come with a selection of PS/2 KVM, USB KVM, KVM over IP and CAT5 extenders.These are available in a sliding keyboard with a notebook keyboard/touchpad mouse, cherry keyboard/trackball mouse, compact keyboard/trackball mouse and compact keyboard/touchpad mouse. There’s also a 1U SUN Compatible Keyboard with USB KVM Drawer. Browse these devices below and see the specifications of each.

Our rackmount keyboard solutions are designed for applications that requires minimal the use of space as well as access to hardware. These devices are made of industrial-strength steel and are housed in a metal frame. It has a 1U high rackmount drawer which feature an integrated 104-key keyboard with either a touchpad or trackball and a KVM switch.It has a self-locking ball-bearing slide rail which was mounted on each side of the drawer and the key locking on the front door.It supports PS/2, USB and SUN with multi-platform switch capability, allowing connection to either style of PC port. There's also a secure remote user access across the worldwide web.

Its integrated KVM switch allows connection with a keyboard, video monitor and mouse. This allows multiple computers to be connected to the switch and with a single set of KVM, it can control multiple servers. While these rack keyboards are functional, there's also an enhanced aesthetics with moulded front handle and two-point lock mechanism. Moreover, SUN Micro and MAC keyboard options are also available, with 12-port DVI-D KVM integration for MAC keyboard option.