Industrial Wash Down Keyboard

These industrial wash down keyboards from iTech Company are rugged devices with NEMA 4x compliance offering full key functionality. These keyboards feature advanced designs for superior sealing and reliability, ensuring users of several years of reliable operation. By taking into account portability and space considerations, these rugged industrial computer input devices offer excellent solutions. It is ideal for various applications including military, commercial fleet vehicles, marine vessels, and medical equipment, among others. See these products below and the specifications of each.

These rackmount keyboard solutions feature one of our most popular industrial keyboard layouts with an integrated laser trackball. It is made out of a highly rugged ABS polycarbonate case and silicone rubber keypad, offering durable quality that can withstand various industrial applications. It is also completely sealed to meet the NEMA 4X specifications. It has a trackball pointing device which is removable for convenient cleaning and has an adjustable tension ring as well. Meanwhile, the keys above the trackball provide left, right and middle click functionality. Other essential features include built-in mounting holes with integrated trackball PS/2 or USB configurations.

iTech's range of rackmount keyboards are built to endure the rigors of extreme working conditions, yet easy to clean and maintain. These devices are durable enough to withstand dust, dirt, water and other unwanted elements. It can also operate in extreme climates such as intense heat and cold. With all of these features, it exactly meets the requirements of several industrial applications. Contact us now to know more about these products.