19" Rack LCD Monitor Panel

We offer a range of Rack LCD Monitor Panel displays for commercial, industrial and military applications. It is equipped with several useful features such as widescreen display, high resolution, rugged construction, high brightness levels, and an optional touchscreen, among others. Check out the different product models below and see which one is best for your application.


Our 19" Rack LCD Monitor Panel displays provides a wide viewing angles and high resolutions for excellent viewing experience. It can be mounted in an 8U (14.0”) of vertical 19” rack space, offering a space-saving solution for several applications. Its front panel is made of steel with a durable powder coat finish for a rugged device that can withstand various industrial applications. It has a LED backlight for a high contrast ratio as well as an energy-saving solution. For an interactive applications, there’s the optional build-in touch screen functionality. Another optional feature is the auto-brightness sensor which offers application in day and night. Moreover, it supports analog and digital inputs.

The use of rackmount monitors brings several advantages to various applications such as saving space, cost-effectiveness, provides convenience to any workplace, and an added security. At iTech Company, we always make sure that quality and performance goes hand in hand when designing our products. We have already served this industry for several years, offering the latest innovations and custom-designed products. If you have questions about our products and services, feel free to contact us at the given phone number and email.