Server Rack Cabinet

i-Tech knows your electronic equipment is on of the largest investments your company makes.  Our Ultra Rack SR Series Server Rack cabinet not only provides a universal mounting platform for brand name servers (Apple, Compaq/HP, IBM, HP, Dell and SUN) but all 19" rack-mountable products.

Server Rack Cabinet SR series line includes a system of configurable Server Rack cabinets and a complete offering of accessories.  Each Server Rack is customizable to tailor to almost any requirement with a variety of solid, vented and perforated doors, side panels, and top panels. We also provide computer racks and computer cabinets that are user customizable insuring that you get the best server equipment rack for your needs.

In our Server Rack Elva section, just click on the size of server rack you need, select the options you would like in the cabinet, and which rack mount accessories such as Rackmount Monitor, KVM switches, remote power and environmental management you need. It is just one click away! We will provide the best server rack selection to match your specification and ship it to you - usually within a few days of placing your order with us.

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Ultra Rack Server Rack SR Series Highlights

All Ultra Rack SR Server Racks Cabinet feature a solid steel frame for added stability and holds up to static load for 2200lbs. Ultra Rack Server Rack has full front Perforated Doors and 3-points lock for added security.  The split rear doors with quick release hinges for easy door removal.  The top panel is vented and optional top fan can be added for more ventilation.

Server Rack Efficient Cable Management
SR Server Rack series is designed to provide the simplest cabling management within the server rack frame. It gives multi-directional pathways and numerous efficient cabling options for easy installation of a large quantity of cables.  Top-to-bottom and front-to-rear cabling is allowed without occupying any Server rack space. The SR Series helps to support and organize cables systematically throughout the frame design.

Ultra Rack Server Rack Accessories

Our Server Racks SR6042 have front and rear door options including Solid Steel, Louvered, and Plexiglas door. All doors and side panels are lockable and secure.

We offer solid or perforated quick-release removable side panels for your convenience. All Server Rack 42U Cabinets are roll under 7 foot door.

We also offer multiple power strips and remote control Power Distribution Unitthat fit behind the rails with Zero rack space. Also, we have widest selection and best price for 4 post open frame racks and 2 post relay racks, LAN Rack, rack shelves, rack mount keyboards, and folding rack mount LCD monitors are available.