KVM Switch

With our wide selection of high-quality KVM Switches and other related products, you are now able to access your systems more efficiently without having severalkeyboards, mice and monitors.Such devices give you flexibility and control over systems that were previously unmanageable. See each of our products below for specifications.

The advantages of KVM switches can be fully maximized when multiple computers are being used at the same time such as those in data centers when different servers are in current operation.With a KVM switch, you are able to switch keyboard, video and mouse between multiple computers.In other words, it enables you to KVM access to a selected target computer.

With a KVM switch, you can operate multiple computers via one console that has a keyboard, monitor and mouse. There are also KVM DVI switches that can transmit VGA video signals. Such solutions help you create a user-friendly and ergonomic environment as you are able to establish installations with as few peripherals as possible.With the advancements of technology over the years, more and more devices are being supported with KVM capability like thosefirewire and USB devices such as speakers and routers to connect to the KVM switch.

iTech Company’s products include console servers, KVM over IP, KVM CAT5 switches, KVM single user, KVM dual user, KVM multi-user, KVM USB switches, KVM DVI switches, KVM SUN switches, KVM PS2/USB combo, KVM CAT5 extenders, KVM remote access, KVM cables, KVM wireless switches, KVM audio switches, KVM switch touch screen, and other KVM accessories.

Our KVM Switch Solutions can help your team improve workflows and increase overall productivity. You may contact us beforehand for a free consultation on what is the best option for your specific application. Call us at our given phone number of email us.