Multi-Touch Screen LCDs

iTech Company provides a great solution for interactive applications with their Multi-Touch Screen LCDs. This range of products combines a reliable multi-touch performance, superior high-definition graphics, and elegant product design in one multi-touch device. They are available from 10.1” to 65” LCD monitor size. Browse the products below and see their complete specifications.

With a multi-touch technology, the touchscreen is able to recognize the presence of more than one or two points of contact with the surface at the same time. This allows for functions such as pinch in order to zoom in the screen for example. As it simplifies the user and the device’s interaction, it allows for a quicker and more intuitive completion of a particular task.

For businesses, particularly the retail sector, this can be a way to boost sale as it enhances user’s satisfaction with a more informed and engaging transaction experience. Just like the way we use the smartphone interface these days, it eliminates the need for large buttons and they can simply swipe across the screen to turn pages or scroll through the screen. All in all, multi touch displays can save time, money and labor for the companies and entities that deploy them, while they also provide users with a simplified and efficient way of doing things.

Being one of the leading innovators in the LCD monitor industry, iTech Company offers a line of products which integrate the multi touch technology and industrial design for a more functional and durable device that suits several applications. Our products feature an IR 6-points touch screen and an IR Remote Sensor. It has a protective front glass and metal chassis housing for more durability and protection against any impact. Moreover, it also delivers an excellent quality of image with its high resolution screens.