Minicom KVM Switch Products Summary

Minicom DX System Minicom Phantom Series Minicom Smart Series Minicom Other Products
Minicom DX System
The DX System gives you a highly secure integrated, flexible and supremely scalable solution for 24x7 BIOS-level control and management of high-density mission critical server environment.
The DX matrix system combines 4 major functions in one unified solution: KVM switching and control, serial control, power mangement, and user management.
Part # Users Ports Description
Minicom DX - - DX System Solution for Centralized KVM & Serial Management.
0SU60002 4 32 Minicom DX432 4-User 32-Server Cat5 KVM Switch.
0SU60001 - - Minicom DXU User Station for DX System.
0SU60004 - - Minicom DXUIP User Station and Smart IP Extender.
0DT23018 - - DX ServerDirect.
0SU51051 - - Minicom SUN Remote Interface Cable.
0SU51052 - - Minicom RS232 Remote Interface Cable.
0SU51066 - - Minicom RICC PS/2 for DX System.
5AC00263 - - Minicom USB Stick for firmware upgrade (Compatible w/ DXU).
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Minicom Phantom Series
The Phantom is Minicom's cutting-edge CAT5 based KVM switching system for server management. It features multi-user control, mixed multi-platform support and comes in micro sized Specter units or PCI cards.
Part # Users Ports Description
0SU52016 2 - Minicom Phantom MX II (2 User)
0SU52015 - - Minicom Universal Phantom Manager
0SU21023 - - Minicom Phantom MXIP CAT5/IP KVM Switch
0SU51011 - - Minicom Phantom Specter II USB/Sun USB
0SU51013 - - Minicom Phantom Specter II SUN
0SU51014 - - Minicom Phantom Specter II RS232
0SU52023 - - Minicom Rackmanager UPM Kit
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Minicom Smart Series
The Supervisor Smart is Minicom's next generation line of cost effective desktop KVM switches - powerful, compact and easy to install and operate. Use the Smart to monitor and control up to four computers from a single workstation.
The sleek, 1U sized Smart CAT5 KVM Switches line features CAT5 cable eliminates cable clutter, and powerful on-screen display control and management. The Smart CAT5 Switches support 8 or 16 computers, letting you control and operate all your server with just one keyboard, monitor and mouse!
Part # Users Ports Description
0SU51068 - - Smart IP Access
0SU21020 1 4 Minicom Supervisor Smart 4 ports (all cables for 4 CPU's included)
0DT23001 - - Minicom CAT5 Smart KVM Extender PS/2
0SU51025 - - Minicom Smart CAT5 SUN RICC
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Minicom Other Products

Part # Users Ports Description
0DT23008 - - Minicom Mini KVM Extender PS/2 distance of up to 70m/230ft (220V)
0DT23009 - - Minicom Mini KVM Extender SUN distance of up to 70m/230ft (220V)
0DT23010 - - Minicom Mini KVM Extender USB distance of up to 70m/230ft (220V)
0VS22013 - - Minicom CAT5 RS232 Extender
0DT23011 - - Minicom USB Extender (Support distance of 50m/150ft)
0SU51068 - - Smart IP Access
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KVM Switches from Minicom

Minicom Advanced Systems is a leading manufacturer of innovative KVM switches, systems. Minicom with many years of experience, Minicom is the acknowledged world leader in CAT5 KVM Switches, USB Extender,CAT5 Extender, KVM over IP and USB KVM Switches. 
In addition, the Phantom is Minicomˇ¦s cutting-edge CAT5 based KVM switching system for server management. The Phantom KVM Switch line is specially designed to meet the needs of modern server rooms in which many more servers are being crowded into much less space. The Phantom KVM Switch System saves space and eliminates cable clutter making it an ideal solution for managing low and high-density server environments. The Phantom KVM Switch System takes up zero rack space, which allows users to dedicate more of their racks to servers instead of wasting space on switches.