IP65/NEMA 4 Front Panel Mount (Stainless steel)

iTech Company has various IP65 NEMA 4 Front Panel Mount LCD Displays that are designed for outdoor applications and rugged environments. These products maintain a sleek appearance while being equipped with several useful features. They are available from 5.7” to 20.1” monitor sizes with resolutions from 640x480 to 1600x1200.

When deploying an LCD displayoutdoor or you intend to used it in a rugged environment where tough conditions are constant, it is important to consider the type of protection that these devices need. The main challengehere is how to protect the hardware. Commercial grade LCDs can't be expected to fully perform outdoors or in any other harsh environment. What you need is anIP65 NEMA 4 Front Panel Mount LCD monitor which addresses all of these issues.

There are certain standards and guidelines that indicate the protection of LCD monitors which ensure that they can withstand different tough conditions. In Europe, the standard used to indicate the ingress protection that the device has is IP65. This implies that the device is being protected from falling rainfall, splashes, dust and other elements. Meanwhile, an IP65 LCD enclosure differs in a way that it allows air to circulate from underneath to prevent over-heating and as a clever filtration system as well to prevent water from getting inside.

On the other hand, NEMA 4 is a similar rating system being used in the US. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) guidelines imply a number of conditions that a device can work in. For added corrosion resistance, there’s also the NEMA 4 x.

At iTech Company, we offer such products which are ideal solutions for outdoors and in rugged environments. These are stainless steel panel mount LCDdisplayswhich feature a modularize mechanical design for flexible product configuration as well as easy maintenance. It has a VGA connector with optional AV, SV, and AV-Looping, which enables it to work in most industrial environments.

For more interactive application, there is the optional touch screen functionality which is available as Resistive, Capacitive, SAW, and Infrared. Other optional features include the enhanced sunlight readable display, panel with LED backlight, high brightness panel, wide operating temperature, and auto-dimming.

So, whether you’ll use it for industrial, manufacturing, outdoor digital signage, food processing, transportation and other severe environments, our products deliver a reliable performance without compromising high quality displays. Give us a call for more info of our products.