1U Military Rack Mount 19" LCD Monitor

iTech Company's range of 1U Military Rack Mount 19" LCD Monitors are built from light weight aluminium and finished with a powder coating for exceptionally durable solution that can withstand rugged applications.These rugged devices features a slim design with high-performance keyboard and LCD system. It brings together a 19" flat panel display and a full size watertight backlit keyboard and trackball in a 1U height rack. It is designed for rapid deployable applications and compatible with any standard 19" rack. Check out these products below.

This line of military rackmountLCDs is equipped with anadvanced video processor that can support all modes with a resolution of up to 1280x1024. Therugged display utilizes active-matrix technology which deliverssuperior clarity and image quality. There's also an onscreen menu buttons which can be programmed via the serial port. These products are certified to various military standards for a reliable operation even when used under the harshest conditions.

On the other hand, these rackmount LCDs have a solution for cable retraction tangles. It is equipped with an integral custom-engineered articulating arm which provides a smooth cable management and prevents cables from getting caught on other equipment when the console isbeing pulled in and out of the rack.It features a dual quick-lock/release mechanisms which hold the device firmly when in the storage position while allowing it to be quickly erected when used. Such mechanism allows rugged positioning and rapid field-ready response. In order to hold the display tightly at any level and at any viewing angle, it is equipped with a custom torque-adjustable hinge which can be adjusted easily.