True Flat Bezel Free (Rear OSD)


These Panel Mount True Flat Bezel-Free LCDs from iTech Company have OSD at rear side. These are available in various monitor sizes, ranging from 10.1” to 21.5”. It features an aluminum front bezel which is IP65-compliant, enabling it to be deployed on rugged applications. There’s also an optional touchscreen functionality for convenient usage and interactive applications. Browse these products below and know more about its other features.


These LCDs feature high resolutions which deliver clear and superior image quality. It has a true flat and bezel-free design with a durable and sturdy base. It also utilizes state-of-the-art technologies and produces a wide range of high brightness level, resulting in amazingly bright, crystal-clear image quality, even when use under direct sunlight. For more flexibility, it has a support for various video inputs including VGA, DVI, S-Video and Composite.

With its extended operational temperature range, these devices can be used in extreme weather conditions such as too cold and too hot. With its compliance to IP rating standards, it is designed to operate in harsh environments without compromising its performance. It has a fanless design. Moreover, you can avail its optional touchscreen functionality for interactive applications and ease of usage as well.

iTech Company’s industrial LCD monitors are ideal for use in a wide range of applications including industrial, aviation, marine, military, advertising, transportation and other rugged applications where durability and display quality are crucial. We combine high-performance and rugged design in these products, offering solutions that you can use for many years to come.