Rugged Industrial LCD IP65

iTech Company’s Rugged Industrial LCD IP65 displays are designed for a wide range of applications where it will be exposed to harsh conditionswhich are common in outdoor and industrial settings. This line of products are engineered to withstand the effects of falling rainfall, splashes of water, dust and other elements that might damage the device. These are available in various sizes, from 15” to 19” and widescreen W24 to W46. The resolutions range from 1024x768 to 1920x1200.

One of the major challenges when using LCDs outdoors or in harsh industrial settings is protecting the hardware, which the typical commercial grade monitors cannot do. With this, comes the growing demand for IP65-compliant LCD screens. IP65 is a standard European rating system that indicates that the device is being protected from hazardous elements such as dirt or water. We offer a range of this type of LCD monitors which are also equipped with other useful features.

Our products are integrated with extremely durable and high bright displays, ranging from 800nits to 1500nits. This offers more screen visibility even when use under direct sunlight or high lighting conditions. It also features an extended operating temperature for the device to withstand under extreme settings such as too cold or too hot.Its high contrast ratio and outstanding vivid colourdelivers superior image quality. Moreover, there are also a number of optional features such as touch screen functionality, optical bonding, and extended operating temperature, among others.

If you need an IP65-rated LCD display, don’t hesitate to contact us at our given phone number or email. Our Rugged Industrial LCD monitors are carefully designed to perform reliablyeven when deployed under various tough conditions. We also offer custom design based on your specifications and requirements.