LED Backlights LCD Kits

There is no doubt that the LED backlit monitors are better than the older versions of LCD. In terms of durability, power consumption, and colour representation, LED-based displays provide a number of advantages. Being one of the innovators in this industry, we also came up with our line of LED Backlights LCD Kits that address the needs of several applications. These are available in various sizes, ranging from 8.4" to 19" and widescreen dimension W7 to W40, with resolutions from 800x480 to 1980x1080. Check out each of the product models and their specifications.

A backlight or backlit is a form of illumination that's being used in LCD monitors. It is an internal source of white light that illuminates the LCD from the back of the display panel. For the past few years, manufacturers started to incorporate LED (light emitting diode) backlights in LCD screens. There are several advantages with this type of technology.

First is the durability of LED backlight. This type of monitor is encased in an acrylic case in order to help with light refraction between air and the light emitting component itself as part of its electronic circuitry, making it very hard to destroy. They are also very well-protected against shocks and vibrations. In terms of power consumption, you can save a lot of energy with this technology. This reduced power consumption can add up especially if you are in a working environment where several monitors are being used daily. Moreover, LED backlit monitors deliver a better and more accurate colour palette, resulting to excellent image quality. While this is not the only factor that contributes on the picture quality, it is definitely an important element.

iTech Company's LED backlit LCD monitors also integrates various useful features including sunlight readability function, high contrast ratio, wide operating temperature, and optional touch screen systems. The brightness levels of our units range from800nits to 1500nits, giving you enough options to ensure visibility even when used under direct sunlight or in high ambient lighting conditions. For more info of our products, contact us through the given phone number or email.

  High Brightness LED Backlight Technology
LED-backlit LCD modules are an increasing subject of interest to save energy and improve the operating life and durability of devices that incorporate LCDs.
Introducing LED backlight options for monitors for energy efficiency and a brighter screen.
The benefits of LED-backlit LCDs include:
  • Longer operating life
  • Wide Operational Temp Range
  • Low power consumption
  • Environmental friendliness (Mercury [Hg] free)
  • LED Driving Board
  • Low EMI noise
  • Greater resistance to mechanical shock (no glass tubes)
  • Quicker illumination to stable brightness
  • Wide dimming ratio (to <1%)
  • Reduction of electronic noise (low DC drive voltage)