RY Series Desktop Broadcast Monitor

Here, we present iTech Company's range of desktop broadcast monitors which offer easy operation and convenience. These products which are ideal for field shooting and post editing, features high quality LCD panel. Most of the product models adopted the wide color gamut to deliver a precise display of image. See the other features below.

This line of products has a consistent style of design with the same system setting for functions and operation mode. With this, users just need understand the operation of one model and they will be familiar to all series. It has also a western style looks with its all metal product design that matches the combined type full aluminium bottom base. Such components add to the durability of the device.

Although not all product models can display a full HD image, these are equipped with RPD pixel data restore technology (pixel to pixel function) which can reproduce 1080 original pixel and very important in high-end applications.

On the other hand, broadcast monitor LCD displays tend to be used in a continuous working state. In order to meet the requirements of 24/7 operations, you may want to consider industrial-grade LCDs. But this line of products has a full metal shell that not only makes the product more durable, but also solve the issue of heat. With this, it delivers a more stable and reliable performance.

In broadcast applications where reliability of the equipment is a must, iTech Company offers innovative products that deliver great performance and durable enough to be used in continuous operation. Contact us to know more about our products.