RW Series Waveform LCD Monitor

iTech Company's RW Series Waveform LCD Monitor displays offer high resolution and wide view angle. These line of products are ideal applications such as in film and TV field shooting. It has a wide colour gamut LCD panel which delivers more precise colour restoration and excellent picture quality. These devices have SDI, HDMI and VGA input and are available in 7", 8.5", 20", and 24" screen monitor sizes. See more of its features below.

One of the essential features of these devices is its video and audio signal auxiliary detect function. It hasan internally installed high sampling rate brightness waveform, RGB waveform and vector scope, which enable the display to get accurate luminance and chroma information. It then displays the real-time luminance and chroma, which guarantee that the record video information is within standard luminance range.

Most of the product models have a split type design for more portability and helps minimize heat when in use. You can separate the display panel from its video and audio processing and master control system, which as a result, reduces its weight and minimize the heat of monitor for a more stable performance. To resolve the strong light interference to the monitor especially in outdoor shooting, it is equipped with an extensible sun hood.

Meanwhile, these broadcast monitor LCDs have a screen protector which is made of special material to prevent the LCD screen from being scratched or impacted. If you decide to upgrade the monitor, compatibility is not an issue. You just need to buy the corresponding video and audio controller instead of the LCD panel and thereby, significantly reduces the costs. Moreover, it features innovative battery electrical voltage display function which can serve as a real-time monitoring for running batteries energy. It also reminds the users to replace batteries in time.

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