7" Waveform LCD Monitor with SDI, HDMI and VGA input. (Model: RW700HD)

7" Waveform LCD Monitor with SDI, HDMI and VGA input. (Model: RW700HD)

7" Waveform LCD Monitor with SDI, HDMI and VGA input. (Model: RW700HD)

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iTechLCD 2012 new generation RW700HD LCD monitor, which use high resolution, wide view angle new type A+ class LCD panel. Combines three patent technology, this is a multi-function professional LCD monitor. It could be widely used in film and TV field shooting.

Foldable Sunhood
New generation super deep sunhood allows you get ideal view effect in almost all the environment.

Convenient battery connector

Preset external battery connector could connect Sony and Anton battery plate on the back of the monitor. A 14.4V/100Wh video camera battery could supprt RW700HD work over 8 hours.

Wide color gamut LCD panel and 1280x800 resolution ensure the monitor more precise color restoration , exquisite picture quality and more rich color levels.

RW700HD not only set up pixel to pixel, blue screen, monochrome, aspect ratio, etc function keys, but also reserves the knob for professional users. Double functions and knob type coding switch are iTechLCD's exclusive technology feature, which will bring you more convenient and rapid operate feeling.

Video/audio signal auxiliary detect function
In order to get accurate luminance and chroma information, RW700HD internally installed high sampling rate brightness waveform, RGB waveform and vector scope. It display the real-time luminance and chroma, which work as photographer's and technician's reference tool to guarantee the record video information within standard luminance range.

Innovative battery electrical voltage display funcition
The camera batteries were taken as monitors DC supplies frequently in outdoor shooting. When their voltage approach the lower end, monitors screen will turn dark gradually. Although this phenomenon is not belong to the equipment failure, it’s already brought troubles to users obviously. Our innovative battery electrical voltage display function, will proceed real-time monitoring for running batteries energy and remind users to replace batteries in time.


Screen Size 7”
Resolution 1280(H)x800(V)
Dot Pitch 0.117(H)x0.117(V)mm
Aspect Ratio 16:9 / 4:3 Switchable
Brightness 400cd/m
Contrast 800:1
Response Time 12 ms
Viewing Angle H 178 / V 178
Voltage Input DC12V
Voltage Range DC 6~36V
Power Consumption ≤12W
Operation Way Button+Code
Material ABS+PC
Monitor Size L 207xH 147xD 38.5 mm
Weight ≤1 kg

Inputs & Functions

Model Function RW700HD Remark
Video input Composite BNCx1 line 1.0 Vp-p3 dB
Component (Y/Pb/Pr) BNCx1 line
HD/SD-SDI BNCx2 line Brightness waveform RGB waveform Vectorscope HV-DELAY
HDMI HDMIx1 line
Audio input RCAx1 line(Stereo)
Audio Monitoring Front Right Speaker 0.5W(8Ω)+Earphone:3.5mm jack
SDI Embedded Audio PPM / UV
Video output Composite BNCx1 line Loop through 75Ω automatic termination
HD/SD-SDI BNCx1 line
TALLY Red/green two colors

Analog Input Spec

Input Signal Signal Spec. Signal System Standard RW700HD
Composite(CVBS) 480/60p NTSC ITU-R BT.601
576/50i PAL ITU-R BT.601
VGA 640*480/60p VGA VESA
800*600/60p SVGA VESA
1024*768/60p XGA VESA
1280*768/60p WXGA VESA
1280*800/60p WXGA VESA
1280*1024/60p SXGA VESA
1440*1050/60p SXGA+ VESA
1680*1050/60p WSXGA VESA
1600*1200/60p UXGA VESA
1920*1200/60p WUXGA VESA

HDMI Input Spec

Signal Spec. Interface sampling frequency (MHZ) Standard RW700HD
640*480/60p 25.200 CEA-861
720*480/60i 27.027 CEA-861
720*480/60p 27.027 CEA-861
720*576/50i 27.000 CEA-861
720*576/50p 27.000 CEA-861
1280*720/50p 74.250 CEA-861
1280*720/60p 74.250 CEA-861
1920*1080/50i 74.250 CEA-861
1920*1080/60i 74.250 CEA-861
1920*1080/24p 74.250 CEA-861
1920*1080/25p 74.250 CEA-861
1920*1080/30p 74.250 CEA-861
1920*1080/50p 148.50 CEA-861
1920*1080/60p 148.50 CEA-861

SDI Input Spec

SMPT Signal Standard Signal Spec. RW700HD
425M-A/B(3G) 1920*1080/50p
274M(HD) 1920*1080/60i
296M(HD) 1280*720/60p
125M(SD) 480/59.94i
ITU-R-BT656 576/50i

RW700HD Functions table

Signal Function SDI1 SDI2 HDMI COMPOSITE (CVBS) Component
Brightness waveform
RGB waveform
Marks:Safety mark,Center mark,Title frame
Scaling:Pixel to Pixel,16:9,4:3,LETTER BOX,Built-in scan,Overscan
Color temperature 9300/6500 , adjustable
8 channels audio meter display
UMD function
Red/Green two colors TALLY display
Peaking(peaking level,edge color,edge width adjustable)
False color
Battery checking
Backlight control
Monochrom(BLUE ONLY)

Function Sketch Front View

1 TALLY (indicator)
2 Protection bar
3 Speaker
4 Sharpness / PTP
5 Saturation / Color B/W switch
6 Contrast / Volume
7 Brightness / OSD
8 Input signal switch
9 Status lock / unlock
10 Power indicator(red)
11 ZOOM jack
12 Headphone jack
■ F1、F2、F3、F4 Shortcut(user-defined)

Function Sketch Back View

13 HDMI input
14 HD/SD-SDI output
15 HD/SD-SDI input
16 Composite I/O
17 Audio input
18 Component(Y / Pr / Pb)input
19 Battery adaptor(optional)
20 Power switch
21 TALLY signal
22 DC 12V power input
23 HDMI adapter(Optional)