Rugged Portable PC Barebone

iTech Company offersa great solution for those who are looking to build a powerhouse PC that’s tailored to your needs and requirements with their Rugged Portable Computer Barebone. These products offers a selection of high quality barebone kits. Browse the products below and see which kit is right for you.

A barebone PC is an ideal solution if you want a customize computer system yet don’t want to take the hassles of putting all the components together. It offers an easier way to have a totally personalized machine without feeling intimidated by a lot of complicated steps. This kind of hardware housed only the essential parts and you can selecttheothercomponents of your choice to make it more personalized. Here, you can expect that the motherboard installation has already been laid out while it is up for you to decide the other parts to install on it.

At iTech Company, we offer a wide range of barebone kits that meet the needs of most users depending on the application he intended to use it for. So, whether you’re planning to build a high-end gaming system, fast and efficient computer for business operations, a PC system for home use or a reliable rugged portable computer for industrial applications, we’ve got it all for you.

These kits are compatible with Intel and AMD processors. The included components are ensured to be of superb high-performance which are designed to work together flawlessly for whatever parts you’ll decide to install and for future upgrades as well. In terms of the durability of the product, you can choose from various chassis which are designed for extra protection from any potential damage and other debris such as dust, moisture, etc. Thus, you have nothing to worry about if you intend it for rugged use.

If you have questions regarding our products, don’t hesitate to call us. You can also visit our office and talk to our technicians to better assist you in your quest for the right barebone kit for your application.